Window Washing

Any housewife knows for sure that high-quality window cleaning is a very time-consuming process. A sea of ​​dust, soot, plaque from exhaust gases – all this settles on the windows and forms difficult-to-remove pollution. It is almost impossible to remove dirt with a conventional, non-specialized product.

The right solution is a professional window cleaner from Clean windows inc. So you save your time and energy. Our professional and decent cleaners will quickly wash all the windows in the apartment, leaving no stains, using absolutely safe means.

The use of cleaning products and the availability of all necessary equipment allow us to perform our tasks as efficiently as possible. You can be sure of an excellent result, as our employees are not only equipped with everything necessary for the best performance of their duties, but also have vast practical experience.

Our guarantees:

  • By ordering a window cleaner in our company, the client receives the following benefits
  • Full guarantee of safety of all glass surfaces.
  • Excellent staff training.
  • Optimal price offers.
  • Full consulting support on any issues.
  • We can conclude a contract on a long-term basis if you regularly require window cleaning services.

Our locations:

  • North Cook County Suburbs
  • North Shore Suburbs
  • Lake and McHenry Suburbs
  • Western Suburbs and DuPage County
  • Chicago Neighbourhoods
  • Southwestern and South Suburbs
Number of Windows Inside and Out Outside Only
1-15 $145 $105
16-25 $170 $125
26-35 $215 $145
36-45 $260 $170
46-60 $310 $195
61-80 $365 $235
81-100 $430 $325
101-125 $495 $350
126-150 $570 $380
151-175 $650 $440



    Additional fees may apply if you have windows of a new design or your windows are large.

    French Style Windows

    Stained glass glazing is a non-standard and very fashionable design solution in recent years. Thanks to it, the facade of a private house, a loggia or a balcony of a building get unusual and attractive look. Also, sunlight penetrates through the French Style Windows, so in good weather you do not need to turn on the light. Due to this, energy resources are saved. Such windows can be of different sizes, there can be a non-removable grid, or divider on the inside and outside of the window. For this we charge an additional fee.

    French Style Window In and Out $5 to $6 per window
    French Style Window Outside Only $4 per window
    French Style Doors and Picture Windows $10 to $20 per window

    Storm Windows

    Storm windows – is a true American invention. This design has proven its effectiveness in practice and today has become popular worldwide. Storm windows not only help to protect the interior from weather disasters, but also significantly reduce the rate of heat transfer between rooms and the street. Depending on the installation method, their installation also allows you to update the facade of the house or “refresh” the interior of the interior. These models are removable structures, therefore, absolutely do not complicate the care of the primary (main) windows.

    Removable Storm Windows (half size) $5 each
    Removable Storm Windows (full size) $5 to $10 each
    Wood Storms (depending on size) $5 to $10 each
    Pella-Type Window Storm $4 to $8 each
    Screwed on Storm Windows $5 to $10 each
    Picture Window Storm $20 to $50 each

    Window Screens

    Also known as anti-mosquito screens or nets, window screens are a mesh of metal wire, fiberglass, or other synthetic materials stretched over a grid-shaped frame. Window screens are designed to cover window openings on windows and doors. The main purpose of shielding is to restrain insects, leaves, animals, on approaches to the house, while at the same time allowing not to disturb the natural circulation of air. We are always ready to make your window screens look new with help of professional cleaner and special machines. The cost of cleaning the window screen depends on how dirty it is.

    Screens Brushed (half size) $3 each
    Screens Brushed (full size) $5 each
    Screens Machine Washed $8 each

    Other Services

    Clean Windows Inc. also provides other services:

    Picture or Oversize Windows $5 to $15 extra
    Window Well Cleaning $10 to $20 each
    Window Well Windows $5 each
    Skylights in/out $15 – $20 each
    Skylights out only $10 – $15 each
    Tracks cleaning $2 – $4
    Frame cleaning $4 – $10
    Scrapping (discounts available for regular customers)
    $2 – $4 per window in/out
    $6 – $10 post construction in/out
    1$ – $3 per window out only
    Screens repair (replace screen mesh)
    $25 – $35 per half size screen
    $35 – $45 full size screen
    $50 – $70 per door screens

    We are an experienced team of professionals and have plenty of satisfied customers. So we guarantee you a quality service. But if you have some problems, contact us during 7 days and we will either solve it or return your money.



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