Deck painting and restoration

Deck painting and restoration

Deck care is an important part of the cleaning process, according to the number of man-hours, the amount of chemical cleaning agents used, the need for equipment and surface area. Most of the cleaning budget is spent on deck care, so it is important that it is the right one. The benefits of a clean, well-groomed and tidy deck are clear. Not only because it is safer and more hygienic, but also because the beautiful, shiny floor helps create a positive first impression for visitors of the building when they entering the room.


Wooden flooring, terraces – this is perhaps the most in need of surface protection. They must withstand severe weather conditions and are subject to abrasion. For high-quality coloring and protection of wood and obtaining a semi-gloss shine, we use a special oil that impregnates the wood well and quickly, enriches the structure with its natural vegetable oils and creates an elastic surface with a semi-gloss shine. The surface, painted with oil for wood, perfectly protects the wood from moisture and gray for several years, and even does not peel and crack over time.

Rebuilding the Deck:

Clean windows inc. will eliminate all cracks, bumps, darkening, cracks, chips, dry or swollen floors, as well as any kind of mechanical damage. In addition we guarantee our customers the removal of unpleasant odors and stains of any complexity.

Deck painting and restoration

Rails replacement:

The railing carries a heavy load, therefore, during the long-term exploitation, some elements wear out, because they need repair or replacement. Destroyed or damaged structures do not so much degrade the look of the interior as they can cause injuries to residents or other visitors to the building. In addition, replacing the railing will help return your building to its former aesthetics and strength.


You can do deck reparation yourself or hire Clean windows inc. Let’s try to figure out why it is worth contacting our company:

You will spend unnecessarily a lot of time on cleaning, which could be used more productively. And with our help, as if it’s by magic, your deck will turn into a new one.

Your strength and health, wasted while doing dirty and laborious work, can be saved, because health cannot be bought for any money. For cleaners, such work is familiar.

Without the appropriate experience, it will be very difficult to do the work in a good way. Accordingly, you will not be able to carry out high-quality reparation.


The advantage of our company is the maximum level of service in conjunction with the favorable price of the services provided. That is why customers who contact the company immediately understand that choosing professionals, they save significantly more than they spend on their services. And in the face of serious competition, we strive to surprise the client not only with the quality of services, but also at reasonable prices.


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